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We reissue Mortgage Credit Certificates for the City of San Diego, the County of San Diego and Ventura County.

The Reissued Mortgage Credit Certificate (RMCC) Program was created to allow owners to keep the benefits you received with your original mortgage credit certificate (MCC).  When you refinance your home, you will lose the federal tax credit unless you have your MCC reissued.  You must apply for the RMCC after you have completed the refinancing of your home.

To have your MCC reissued you need to meet the following conditions:

  • Your original MCC was issued by the San Diego Housing Commission (City of San Diego) or the Counties of San Diego or Ventura;
  • You currently own the property for which the original MCC was issued; and
  • The property is your principal place of residence and must have been your residence since you purchased the home.

Things you should know about a RMCC:

  • There is no requalification to determine your eligibility for the RMCC in terms of income, household size or property value – the only requirement is that the property is owner occupied;
  • You can use any lender to refinance your property, there are no restrictions;
  • If your new loan results in a lower interest calculation, the lowest amount will be used for the RMCC – a credit cap limit will be provided upon reissuance of the MCC;
  • The certified indebtedness amount (the portion of the loan upon which the tax credit is calculated) of the RMCC is limited to the outstanding principal balance of the original loan at the time you refinance. The tax credit benefit on the RMCC cannot exceed the benefit you would have received with your original MCC; and
  • The RMCC is available to you only until the maturity date of the original mortgage loan, unless the maturity date for the new loan ends sooner. The shortest term will determine the expiration date for the RMCC.

The following documentation is required for the new RMCC:

  1. The original, or if lost, a copy of the MCC or previous RMCC you received, if applicable;
  2. Copy of Promissory Note for the new loan;
  3. Copy of Deed of Trust for the new loan;
  4. Copy of Final Settlement Statement for the new loan. The Settlement Statement lists all dollar amounts paid into and out of escrow. Please do not send the “Estimated” statement, it will not help. What is needed is the exact amount of principal paid off on the original loan at the closing of your refinance and that will be shown only on the Final Settlement Statement;
  5. Reissued Mortgage Credit Certificate Application and Affidavit. This affidavit must be signed by the applicants and notarized. Click here to down load RMCC Application forms;
  6. A check for the non-refundable RMCC application fee of $350 made payable to SoCal Reissued MCC; and
  7. If there was a change in ownership, a copy of the Final Divorce Decree or a death certificate;

If this is the first time applying for a RMCC we will also need:

  1. Copy of the Promissory Note for your original loan, including any riders, addendums, or modification. The lender will have a copy if you do not; and
  2. Copy of the Deed of Trust for your original loan. If you or your lender do not have a copy you can get it from the County Recorder’s office or website.

If you have questions, please click on Frequently Asked Questions for details regarding family trusts, changes in ownership, timeline, deadlines and much more.

If you need clarification or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask by sending an email to vickim@socalrmcc.com.

Please send your RMCC Application and check to:

SoCal Reissued MCC
O. Box 422
San Luis Rey, CA 92068